Daily Archives: March 19, 2018

30-Day Drawing

  • Hiya! I have been doing your 30 day drawing challenge on youtube and with your book! I’m on Lesson 11 and I see your youtube videos only go up to lesson 13, and I’m really enjoying learning from you. In your youtube video you said if we email you you can give us a 50% discount on your year subscription. I am very interested in joining! Thank you thank you thank you for all you do! I’ve attached one of my sketchbook pages!

    I LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS!  I intend to add more 30-Day Drawing challenge YouTube videos, stay tuned!  We are happy to extend you and anyone interested, 50% off my 12-month www.Draw3D.com membership, usually it’s $99, this month it’s $49.99 to celebrate our launching of NEW IMPROVED website sometime this week!  To get your 50% off send me an email to info@markkistler.com
    Mark Kistler