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What a BLAST South Texas Comic Con! Thanks for inviting me! 3 days of hanging out with American Television Cartoon Legends Phil Ortiz (Simpsons), and Tom Cook (He-man, Jetsons, Scooby Doo)….some fun Pencil Commissions, 2 Cool Family Workshops, and a delicious BBQ dinner from The Smoking Oak!

I just love happy Email!

Thank you for the Happy Email! You can Draw in 30 days!

Hello sir,
Myself my name is Logendhra, living in India. I just wrote this E-mail to pay my gratitude towards your work on the book “You Can Draw in 30 Days”. Before starting to read this book, I had no good feeling about the time guaranteed in the book. But as soon as I started to read on the book, I felt like an professional artist. Within an hour, I completed 3 chapters and kept on going. Also the funny things and other persons work you mentioned in the book builts confidence stronger. Therefore I am kindly thanking you for the book you gave us. And also I become a great fan of your’s work.

Congratulations on future works….

Thanking You!!!

San Diego Comic FEST!

Are you near San Diego? Come on over to San Diego Comic Fest, Town and Country Convention Center. I’m in the Eaton Room Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I’ll be presenting fun family drawing lessons at noon Saturday and Sunday!

YES! My Summer Art Camps are OPEN for online registration! Yahooooooooo!

Summer Art Camps!

Turbo Talented graphic artist Amanda F just finished this great add for Summer Art Camps! I LOVE IT! What do you think?

Happy Email!

Hello Mark. this is Sara from Egypt. I am reading your book “You Can Draw in 30 Days” and i just want to tell you that you are amazing. Your way and how you teach makes me smile while i am reading. I enjoy learning and practicing drawing with your book. you are such a great teacher and the way you teach helps me visualize the lesson somehow as i am in the class and you are in front of me 😀
I have just finished the first lesson and the bonus challenge and i am extremely happy with the results. i hope i can send you what i have drawn but i don’t know how. anyways this message is to thank you dear. be blessed. with love.
your student,

Art Club Rocks!!

Long Beach Island Grade School Art Club ROCKS!
My Summer Art Camps are open for registration in New Mexico! Texas! Michigan! Indiana!

C2E2 Fun!

C2E2 Chicago was FUN! 100,000+ attendees, 3 Family “You Can Draw In 30-Minutes!” Workshops, NEW friends and OLD fans! Thanks Reed Pop Crew for inviting me!

Up next:
April 12: Ship Bottom NJ Schools

April 13: Central Connecticut Schools

April 14-15: Wizard World Portland Comic Con!

April 16-20: San Diego Schools and visiting my parents!

April 21-22: San Diego Comic Fest!

April 23-26: Texas Schools

April 27-29: South Texas Comic Con!



Having FUN drawing in Family HQ at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo C2E2! I’ll be teaching daily at 2:30pm Saturday and Sunday, come draw some dragons and penguins with us!