Comicpalooza 2018

I’m so excited! Houston’s COMICPALOOZA is this weekend! I participated in my very first Comic Con at Comicpalooza 3 years ago ……or was it 4 years ago? I always have so much fun that they all blur together! Have you ever visited my artist table at a ComicPalooza? If so please comment below and include the selfie we took?!

Anyhow, since that first Comic Con at ComicPalooza, I’ve participated in over 100 around the world! Isn’t that crazy cool! I do LOVE my job, but more importantly I LOVE LOVE LOVE the people I meet, the friends I’ve made, the artists that have inspired me, and YOU the fabulous FAN, it’s YOUR energy, your enthusiasm, your support that make it all possible. My heartfelt Thank YOU! Consider yourself big bear HUGGED! Obviously I’m channeling my Mom AGAIN🤗