Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms!
HUGE thank you HUGS to the HUNDREDS of moms past students and friends who have communicated with me their wonderful memories of her. So many of you are wanting to attend some sort of tribute event for her. My Father and my sister Melissa Layton Corrigan have some wonderful ideas to celebrate Moms life, once they pick a date and venue I’ll share it with you all👍.
After her 40 plus years of teaching I’m calculating 🤔….that’s got to be over 12,000 students she inspired! My input to Moms celebration, “Sis we’ve got to find one BIG venue, there are going to be a lot, seriously A LOT of people!” See, aren’t I an insightful helpful big brother 🤪
So, all of you alumni and friends of Mom, spread the word, share our posts, be ready to block in your calenders! News of date/time/venue coming soon👍. What a JOYFUL gathering this is going to be!