Daily Archives: August 24, 2018

Hurricane Lane and Me…

Well the governor of Hawaii and the Mayor of Honolulu declare an emergency, open shelters, and warn citizens that can not evacuate to be prepared to shelter in place for up to 14 days, I figured…🤔. Perhaps I’ll evacuate. I lived the aftermath oh Hurricane Harvey, once is more than enough. So I get up at 5am, wasn’t sleeping anyway. Call United Airlines and confirm a seat on the last flight to Houston tonight at 8pm. I Pack up my little cool Airbnb and get to airport 10 hours early thinking I’ll go standby on an earlier flight. As soon as I check my 3 x 70 pound Comic Con bags to Houston, I get a text from Ken, ”COME TO CHICAGO WIZARD WORLD DUDE!”…🤔not a bad idea, I’m already packed, even though I flew 3,892 miles to miss the Hawaii Comic Con, I DID get to spend one fantastic day of exploring and go to an awesome traditional Hawaiian Luao! The crazy thing is I just flew out of Chicago Monday after a weekend with Robert Neustadt at the the central Wisconsin “Larryfest” Blue Grass festival! So I text Peter Katz of Wizard World, “Hey I’m evacuating from Hawaii Comic Con, you have any room for me at your Chicago Comic Con?” His response was really cool, “we will MAKE room for you, anytime!”. I smile at the text and ponder the circle of positive Karma, and promptly go back to the ticket counter with my slight change of plans. 4 hours later, I’m booked to fly Honulu, Houston, Chicago with have all my bags retrieved and Re-tagged. With 3 hours until my flight I figured I’d try an authentic Hawaiian sushi dish, “The Spam Roll!”. I’ve been hearing about it and seeing it everywhere (gas station, 7/11, hotel) I figured “when in Rome”. I sit at the airport sushi bar and order this $12 roll. Yes it tasted like cooked spam. Spam doesn’t belong in Sushi.

Have You ever start reading a FB post and wonder, “How do these people have TIME to write such loooooong detailed tedious yet interesting posts!?”

This is one of those moments, and the answer is either 1. Trying to fill the 7-hour wait at the airport while attempting to escape a natural disaster, or 2. Killing time at the dentist office waiting for the shot of novacain to kick in…yes this really did happen to me last Wednesday in Portland Oregon.

Portland? You say. Yes, one week ago I was chillin with Levi and Angela Darnell (VFW Post 1442!) take a look at the wonderful certificate they awarded me with, a few FB posts back. At times like today, I do have a difficult time keeping track of where I am, and where I’m heading. In the past few months I’ve been teaching my Art at Lake Tahoe with Douglas DeVore, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Houston, Alburqurque, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Carlsbad CALifornia, Charlevoix Michigan, Portland Oregon, Wisconsin, Chicago, Hawaii and now BACK to Chicago! When I texted Robert and Lois to prepare for my imminent return to their guest bedroom, their response, “Now we can go see HAMILTON!”

My Birthday is Monday, I’ll be 55 years old, and I can’t imagine a better way to spend it then seeing a great musical in Chicago with dear friends.

I wish all of my fellow citizens in Hawaii a safe few days ahead, I hope Lane turns far south and you all stay dry!