Daily Archives: November 21, 2018

This was a GREAT DAY!

What an ADVENTURE today! Without my trustee German Friend to guide me, I had to actually THINK. I told Eric, it’s still fun for me to explore Vienna alone, it’s just a completely different kind of experience. Austrian Beer, Schnitzel, and backgammon in numerous very cool cafe’s and pubs. I hope we don’t wait 17 years until we meet again my friend! Check out my FUN day of “Mark The Explorer!”.

Schunnbran Castle, 1,654 rooms, Mario so wants to come VACUUM this place (yes I snuck a few FaceTimes with Mo). Lunch at the castle cafe was delicious Beef Goulash and beer. Stumbled upon a charming Strudel Show in the basement! Loved it! Yes, the Strudel was beyond words.

Uber back to my little quint Airbnb neighborhood. I discovered yet another tiny delightful cafe …something “Feminee’” didn’t realize the name, but I did realize after a half an hour that it was all pink (one of my favorite colors) and I was the only man with a dozen business woman scattered around on laptops. Lol

I walked a block to my comfy Airbnb for a WONDERFUL hour nap. Then braved the map to walk the half hour to the Palais Auersperg for a 8:15pm Mozart Concert. A VERY cold walk, but I bought some winter gloves from a shop stall from a man who looks more like a Texan Cowboy than I do! See photo!

The concerts about to start. The staff was so nice, moved me to the very front so I’d be able to hear. I’m looking forward to this!