Adventure in India, Part 10

The most expensive Diet Coke in all of India, 550 rupees at this swanky hotel I stumbled across trying to find a table to sit at to do some work and drawings. I also discovered what appears to be “Lovers Lane” here in Mumbai, see if you can find the 7 couples smooching in the below pic. Totally sweet, and FYI, I took the pic super fast so as not to be the overly obnoxious tourist! Join me in 1-hour for my LIVE webcast from Tantar Mantar Indian Restaurant. We are drawing “Imagination Station Flashback” pictures for our friends Elisha Sheridan Family who lost their childhood art from when they watched my PBS series. They lost their home in the Paradise CA fires last month. Tune in, log on, draw with us, let’s bring them a bit of Christmas cheer!   Lets draw together soon!