Help me find a home for my mural!

I’m in Mumbai India organizing my “Guest Artist” visit to a local children’s shelter and I received this great question from Adam Stine

Hi Mr kistler…im just curious….do you still have the secret city mural? If you do could you post a picture of it up on facebook? I’ve seen a YouTube video of it but it’s not very clear… Thankyou

My response:

Hi Adam! Thank you for the note. I’ve been meaning to post these photos and videos of “The Secret City Mural” taken by my brilliant cool Nephew Finn Corrigan

I am currently looking for a new home for this 1980’s Pop Culture Children’s PBS piece of history. Funds raised by the sale of this will help us continue our mission to teach children around the world the joy of drawing.

PLEASE help me find a new home for this 4foot x 8 foot 100 pound wall mural. Your local pop culture museum? Library? School?

Please post a note below if you remember watching me draw this mural on PBS when you where young?

Please email me a note if you are interested in helping me find a new home for this mural, I tend to miss FB messages, keeping up with social media baffles me!