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Day 21: The 30 – Day Drawing Challenge With Mark Kistler

Day 21! 30-Days Drawing Challenge…

Posted by Mark Kistler on Monday, January 21, 2019

Day 20: The 30 – Day Drawing Challenge With Mark Kistler

Day 20! 30-Day Drawing Challenge

Posted by Mark Kistler on Sunday, January 20, 2019

Attention PORTLAND OR!

NEWS FLASH! WIZARD WORLD PORTLAND COMIC CON has delightfully agreed to join collaborative efforts with ME! I’ve been wanting to do this Visual Arts Promotion for a YEAR, and FINALLY Peter Katz and I where able to connect. He is a HUGE proponent of The Arts in schools and LOVES my mission, passion, and MY PLAN! My PLAN is to INSPIRE thousands of families to come to Wizard World Portland Comic Con to CELEBRATE Visual Art in Comic Pop Culture.


1. A FULL day of FREE Wizard World Portland Comic Con Presents Mark Kistler’s LIVE K-12 FB Webcast for thousands of schools through out Oregon, (and America). My LIVE Webcasts will be teaching the joy of drawing and celebrating Visual Arts In Pop Culture Comics. Please see times below.

2. Starting next week, all art students in Oregon are invited to submit an image of one original art piece to The WW/Mark Kistler Student Art Contest. We will display as many of these as possible in a wonderful WW/Mark Kistler Student Art Gallery AT PORTLAND COMIC CON!

3. We will also jury all the submitted selections to choose 20 Student artists to be featured in Artist Alley in the WW/Mark Kistler Student Artist Alley. Isn’t this Brillant?! A full row of featured STUDENTS in Artist Alley sharing, showing, and selling their art work to the 100,000 WW Portland Comic Con Attendees! Okay, I increased the attendee numbers just a bit to reflect how many of YOU, my faithful fans are going to show up to support me and your local school arts! I will post the email for submitting student art in about a week, so get your students busy creating! PLEASE SHARE this post and forward it to ALL art teachers across the great state of Oregon!

4. Starting NOW, we are inviting 10 to possibly 25 school choirs, elementary, jr and senior high, to come perform LIVE in front of THOUSANDS of people at Wizard World Portland Comic Con. Imagine how EXCITING this will be for your students, to have their artwork in the student gallery on the comic. On show floor! To be singing LIVE on a stage as featured performers at Wizard World Oortland Comic Con! PLEASE SHARE this post and forward it to all Music teachers across Portland!

5. At the show we are creating a WW/Mark Kistler Treasure Hunt for Artists Autographs where students explore the comic con show floor gathering autographs from all the artists. HOWEVER, before they are eligible for their big PRIZE, (a nifty Artist Trading Card from ME!) they must actually SPEAK to each artist and glean one pearl of career advice distilled to a single inspiring word that they fill in on the treasure map. Doesn’t this sound FUN!

6. Scores of Art students who submitted art will be featured ON STAGE while a animated video of their art work plays full screen behind them!

I’m so very pleased that Peter Katz and the whole crew at Wizard World Comic Cons have so enthusiastically embraced my ideas.

Oh…I ALMOST FORGOT! They not only are giving these student artists Alley tables, student choir stage time, student gallery floor space ….ALL FREE to support K-12 Visual and Performing Arts! Wizard World is ALSO OFFERING EVERYONE 50% OFF TO COME SUPPORT THESE KIDS!

Crazy cool I know! And It’s LIVE! KISTLERBOGO 50% off discount code for Wizard World Portland Oregon Comic Con!

Wizard World Portland Comic Con: February 22-24

Here’s their link:


Look at the phots to visually assist in your purchasing with KISTLERBOGO 50% discount code.

Here’s the FREE WW/Mark Kistler K-12 LIVE FB Webcast “You CAN learn to draw COMICS!”

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 8th Pacific Time:

PLEASE log-in to one of my Test 10-minute LIVE FB WEBCASTS from your classroom the week before to test your classroom access, audio, computer projection, and FB LIVE Webcast access within your districts firewalls. Now is the time to be seeking a one day site access waiver if your district blocks this.

NOTE: I will be blocking public on screen commenting, but all teachers will have the ability to text me questions LIVE via there cell phones.

9:00-9:30am Elementary School Level

9:45-10:15am JR High School Level

10:30-11:00am High School Level

1:00pm-1:30pm Elementary Level

1:45pm-2:15pm JR High Level

2:30pm-3:00pm High School Level


Stand by St Louis Fans, We May be running this KISTLERBOGO promotion for YOUR area K-12 Visual and Performing Arts students!