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90-Days! 90-Drawings! A Pair Of Pedicured Feet!

90-Days! 90-Drawings! A pair of pedicured feet! LIVE FB Webcast from Dallas Texas with my son Mario and special guest artist Clinton Millsap. A tribute, a birthday cake and fun story about Ed Heck. An invitation to NASA Artist Jack Moore .

Posted by Mark Kistler on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

90-Days! 90-Drawings! ROADTRIP!

90-Days! 90-Drawings! ROADTRIP! A fun drawing from the highway, somewhere between Chicago and Minneapolis. Thank YOU Robert Neustadt and Lois Bernstein Neustadt for your always gracious hospitality! Thank YOU all my awesome wonderful peeps for stopping by my Artist Alley Table to say hello and support my Non-Profit Mark Kistlers Imagination Initiative. Your purchases will go towards our efforts to inspire young talent with scholarships for Summer Art Camps, school visits, and continuing LIVE Webcasts, Thank YOU! Please visit and click the Non-Profit tab. All FB LIVE webcasts are reposted to YouTube/MarkKistler and to my web site Blog.

Posted by Mark Kistler on Sunday, March 24, 2019

90-Days! 90-Drawings! Ninja Eggs!

90-Days! 90-Drawings! Ninja Eggs! LIVE FB Webcast from North Chicago My dear friends Robert Neustadt and Lois Bernstein Neustadt warm wonderful art filled home. Reposted on YouTube/MarkKistler and blog. Follow Follow Follow ME ON INSTAGRAM! I’ve got to catch up with Dynamic Drawing Dan Fraga 69,000 peeps! The next $99 donated as a one time gift to The Imagination Initiative Non-Profit gets this Original Pencil drawing created during the webcast! Go to click on Non-Profit tab. Thank you.

Posted by Mark Kistler on Thursday, March 21, 2019