One Drawing A Day, NO Matter! Today: Carrot Top!

Day 160

Carrot Top! Day 160 “One Drawing A Day No Matter WHAT!” LIVE Daily FB Webcasts. Today we are at the Fort Wayne Museum Of Art for my week long Summer Art Camp! Thank YOU Art Museum Crew and Alyssa Dumire for inviting me BACK and helping me set up today! Lup La WON today’s alliteration contest and everyone pitched in with sentence extensions! She won a PDF of my Daily Drawing Webcasts Index! Please order your own cool multiple page cool color index of all these 160 days of drawing in one easy visual reference Index! How do you order? Easy! Make a one time donation in any amount to our non-profit “Mark Kistler’s Imagination Initiative!”, visit click on top non-profit button

Posted by Mark Kistler on Sunday, June 9, 2019