One Drawing A Day, NO Matter! Today: The Elephants Tent

Day 159

The Elephants Tent! Day 159 of “Every Night Live!” Daily FB Webcasts. Today Mario and I are in Gott Wayne Indiana at our wonderful hosts Brian Wegesin and Melody Wegesin. They have graciously invited us to stay at their house during my week at the Fort Wayne Museum Of Art Summer Art Camp! Mario has ALREADY mowed their yard, vacuumed 3 rooms, and repaired neighbor Pam’s Vacuum! Brian and Melody Wegesin are involved with an organization called “Full Potential” providing services for special needs adults. Sharing this time with fellow parents of our special sons is so refreshing, relaxing, and heartwarming. I’ve decided to extend our stay 3 additional weeks…just joking Wegesins.

Posted by Mark Kistler on Saturday, June 8, 2019