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You Can draw in 30 Days feedback from Russia

Dear Mark!

My name is Victoria, I’m 30-years old and living in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was hard for me to start writing this letter-feedback. First of all, I’m sorry in advance for my English – I didn’t have practice long ago and I need to refer to the online translators sometimes. I hope that my e-mail will be good for understanding. The second is that this e-mail is the first mail that I would like to send somebody that I don’t know.
I have read your book “You can Draw in 30 days” and I think that it is really genius book. I used to have some drawing extra-lessons at the school but it brought only unwillingness for me to draw. Some months ago I was thinking about my skills that I can apply by “hands” and I realized that I can’t do anything by my hands. It is very bad because now it is the time of hand-made products, desingings (dresses, clothing, interier, exteriers and etc) or other goods and products that we need to produce by ourselves (not to resell anything, but produce and offer to the end-customers). And the other thing why it is so bad for me – my husband and me are planning to have a child next year and after baby will be born I will need to have maternity leave with the duration not less that 1 year and 8 months. For your information, I work in a little company where I need to use my brains more often than to use creative, art or something connected with art/creative skills. And while I will be with my newborn (I mean the first years of his living and it doesn’t mean that I will leave the baby after first years of living 🙂 ) I will lose almost all my skills needed for my workplace. So, I needed to think about my skills for the future. I decided to start to draw, in spite of my bad experience at the school. I started to read your book, followed almost all your advices and started to draw. I was so surprized and excited when the drawing start to be so realistic! It was really funny, interesting and useful to read it! I will refer to this book again and again until my skills get better.
I know that studying something new is a hard and long way while you will be on the intermediate level or at least on the begginers level. But I see my goal very clear and I aspire it.
Nowadays, I started to studying 3-weeks Adobe Illustrator courses, in February I will start Adobe Photoshop drawing courses. I hope that all my efforts will bring me new professional skills.
I attached to the e-mail some photos of the drawing that I made during studying your book.

Thank you! Thank you for your book, thank you for inspirations!
My best regards, Victoria!


Dreamed of learning to draw

  • Hello Mr. Kistler,

    My name is Viana & I’m a 42-year-old woman who has always dreamed of learning to draw.  My parents are wonderful artists & I was afraid I didn’t inherit that gene.  That is, until I got your Learn To Draw in 30 days book.  I have one lesson left & I must say I have learned so much & my self-confidence in drawing has increased dramatically.  Thank you!  I’ve also attached my first attempt at drawing an eye, which I couldn’t wait to try. Although it’s not perfect, I’m really quite happy with it & proud of myself.  Thanks again!

    Viana Boenzli

Rose Tiger

Dear Sir:

I am Na Wu. My English name is Rose Tiger.

I am an English teacher working for a primary school here in China. I’m very fond of your book. I love it so much. I’m following your steps on Read More