Daily Archives: February 22, 2018

What a GREAT day!!!

This is a difficult post for me as I wrap up my morning Visual Arts Assemblies at Coral Park Elementary, 2.4 miles from Stoneman Douglas High School.

When I landed in Miami Airport yesterday, after nearly 2 hours of iPhone hotel searching I asked a few hotel clerks why I can’t find a hotel within an hour drive? “Lots of Families are flying in for the funerals”. I, along with the world have been following the tragic news but I did not know I’d be a few blocks from it.Then I receive a text from my contact Donna Valentine Casanas…

“Our school is a mile from the tragic shooting at Stoneman Douglas High which has been on the news. Our staff and students were affected in many ways. We heard the constant sounds of sirens and had to reroute traffic patterns. Some of the staff have children who attend the school as well as first responders to the site. Our school counselor has done a wonderful job counseling with students directly affected. We are working really hard to return to a normalcy. I believe the timing of your assemblies is perfect!!!
Your talent and charisma will bring an uplifting feeling in a time of need!”

With a heavy heart and a devastated spirit I began to draw, and draw and draw. Hundreds of students and teachers, began drawing with me, the laughter and racaous joyful chatter temporarily offering reprieve from the ongoing nightmare. I got choked up and misty eyed a few times, this power of imagination and the indomitable creativity in our human spirit! I felt like I was conducting a Visual Symphony of hope.

The point of this rambling overly emotional post is to remind you, my faithful FB Tribe that THE ARTS do rejuvenate our souls and nourish our hope.

I stand with the very brave, VERY articulate, VERY determined students and teachers of Stoneman Douglas High School. I’m in absolute inspired awe of what you are doing, saying, and marching.

Tonight at 6:30pm at Coral Park Elementary School I will be presenting a Free Family Art Night! After the fun drawing lesson of Dolphins, mermaids, and dinasaurs we are auctioning off my original art with 100% of sales going toward affected families at Stoneman Douglas High School. Want to contribute? Purchase an original Pencil Commission from me for $375 (send me a message), I will donate 100% of your purchase to Coral Park Elementary PTA to distribute to affected families.👍