I’m a HUGE fan of Airbnb, I’ve stayed in Airbnb homes throughout the USA and most recently in Paris! 95% of my experiences have been wonderful, comfortable, safe, and an added bit of “adventure” to my sometimes fatiguing routine of hotel rooms 20 days a month.

I say 95% because out of many Airbnb stays I have had a exactly 2 problems. The one in Florida had a cold shower one morning, the one in Madison had front door access code lock that didn’t work. The benefits of Airbnb have been many, especially ENORMOUS travel cost savings, for example, in Paris France, I rented a cool 5 bedroom 3-story historic house in the city for 5 artists participating in Paris Comic Con. Hotels where charging average $7,000 for the 4 rooms for the week that we paid $1,700. PLUS I now have more friends in Paris, the home owners are very cool! I’ve actually become FB friends with just about every home owner. When I saw this save $40 off coupon invitation to new members I thought I’d share it with YOU, my FB Tribe. An added bonus I receive $20 credit toward my next booking, COOL! The truth is I’ve been recommending Airbnb to friends and family after my first adventure, without the $ incentive, it’s simply a wonderful option for us travelers with a sparkle of adventure in our souls!