Daily Archives: April 12, 2018

Art Club Rocks!!

Long Beach Island Grade School Art Club ROCKS!
My Summer Art Camps are open for registration in New Mexico! Texas! Michigan! Indiana! Www.markkistler.com

C2E2 Fun!

C2E2 Chicago was FUN! 100,000+ attendees, 3 Family “You Can Draw In 30-Minutes!” Workshops, NEW friends and OLD fans! Thanks Reed Pop Crew for inviting me!

Up next:
April 12: Ship Bottom NJ Schools

April 13: Central Connecticut Schools

April 14-15: Wizard World Portland Comic Con!

April 16-20: San Diego Schools and visiting my parents!

April 21-22: San Diego Comic Fest!

April 23-26: Texas Schools

April 27-29: South Texas Comic Con!