My Keepsake!

The night my Mom died last week, I told my Dad and my Sister Melissa Layton Corrigan that I wanted to take a small piece of art from one of Moms many collections. A small keepsake I can carry with me in my art bag on my travels. They encouraged me with another round of tearful hugs.
I couldn’t make up my mind during last weeks trip, so on this weeks trip I came determined to decide. I looked at all her penguins gathered throughout the house in little tribal groups, then I looked at her collection of sculpted hands. Small hands, large hands, wooden hands, bronze hands, pointing hands, and reaching hands. Then I looked at her angels, then at her bears, then at her phenomenal assortment of hearts…I couldn’t decide, Each grouping looked in perfect balance. Not too many, not too few…removing one felt like I’d be destabilizing the universe.
With 20 minutes remaining until I had to depart for the airport, I took a pause in my search. I needed to get my clothes out of the dryer. As I was unloading the dryer my memories where thick with years of laundry moments with Mom and Dad. Doing laundry has always been a very important daily ritual at their house. As I continued to unload, one of my Moms wash clothes fell out onto my shoe. I picked it up and completely broke down. I felt Moms joy and delightful humor smile in my heart. Between sobs and gasps I told Mom she was worth every tear and so many more. I folded this precious washcloth and put it in my bag. I had found my Mom Keepsake.