Monthly Archives: May 2018

My Mom!

I’ve witnessed grace and love in its purest form this week. My Mom, my Hero, my earliest inspiration, my greatest cheering fan, has died.
I watched in tearful awe as my sister Melissa and yessi and my father stood vigil at her side caring for her, adjusting her air tubes, repositioning her, lotioning her elbows, tag teaming the nurses for Moms pain meds, feeding her ice chips, brushing her bangs,24/7 for 8 days. We 3 brothers Karl, Steve, and I came in from distant points hearing the urgency in Melissa and Dads voices. We pitched in what we could, the keystone cops offering comic relief for mom. Patrick shuttling back and forth between work and their kids, bring Mellissa supplies (candy) and love for mom. Tina comforting the room with her humor and joyful compassion, laughing at our irreverent humor holding moms hand, Karl giving Melissa relief on one of her all nighters. Our sister Lisa coming down with Wade and Cole. The grand kids Olivia, Ian, Clay, Finn, Claire, taking their turns holding moms tiny frail hands for hours and hours. Laurel FaceTiming from Spain and rushing home to LAX to see her Nanna. Mario FaceTiming from Texas to tell Grandpa Harry and Grandma he loves them. My brother Karl buying 20 orchids, Moms favorite flower, his mission…to line the hallway and nurses station for moms next walk.
Mom never saw all of Karl’s beautiful orchids, but she did see her family, her legacy, circle the wagons around her, a solid wall of love.

Love when my students send me emails!

Hello Mark,

I just drew the lilies on page 126 of your book, and I’ve attached a copy. I’m going to do it again, but this time I’m going to try to place the two on the ends behind the center flower.

I love working with your book. It’s the perfect antidote to staring at my computer screen or phone. Thanks so much for the great instruction.

Best regards,

Laura Towers