Daily Archives: August 20, 2018

Such an Honor!!

I’ll treasure this most gracious certificate of appreciation from VFW Post 1442….or as I refer to their post….HERO BASE ALPHA ONE!

A wonderful week Summer Art Camp with cool kids, engaged parents and new friends!

Thank You Grandview Christian Academy for hosting our event. Thank you Levi, Angela, and Emilie Darnell for all of your hard work and with such hospitality. Visiting your ranch of chickens, roosters, dogs, cats and giant Guinea Pigs was wonderful!

Angela, the strength and irreverent humor you battle your cancer is so inspiring to all of us lucky enough to step into your orb of joy. The love between you and Levi is such a model for all of us to aspire to have, hold, and cherish.

Let’s do this again next year👍

Beaver Creek Oregon

Sushi last night after the turbo talented Brian Linss attends my Family Art Night at Beaver creek Oregon (VFW Post 1442 sponsored Family Summer Art Camp!)

If you are near, register online and come draw in 3-D with us….it’s FREE, FUN and ever so cool!

Beavercreek, Oregon