Daily Archives: October 9, 2018

East Coast FUN!!!

I tell people that 90% of my teaching career of presenting assemblies at 7,427 schools around the world is spent…..sitting under a basketball hoop! Today was no exception🤪

I so ENJOYED the students and staff at Merritt Memorial School in New Jersey! What a perfect way to finish off 10 days of events on the East Coast!

I started with 3 days with 500 of my tribe of fellow art teachers at the New Jersey Art Educators Conference! Then I drove to Bronxville New York to present my school programs to the artistic geniuses at St. Joseph School. The following day I drove through Lincoln Tunnel into Manhattan at 6:00am (a traffic NIGHTMARE), to spend an hour trying to find parking ($70 for the day😳), to get in to New York Comic Con early enough to set up. Some cool fans told me not to be crazy stressed and to park across the river and ferry in, what a fantastic tip! Turned my commutes into little boat ride adventures with a relaxing cup of coffee, sitting with a few hundred Batman’s, wonderwoman, and other assorted cosplayers 🤪

Now I’m off to Newark airport where Robert Neustadt Lois Bernstein Neustadt are picking me up for my week long visit at their house while I participate at Chicago ACE Comic Con!

Maybe I’ll see you at the Comic Con on Navy Pier?