Daily Archives: November 2, 2018

Tribe, I need your help!

I need your help my fine FB tribe. Please read this unanswered letter I was compelled to send last week. I edited out the business name as it it not my intention to shame anyone, I just want to find a place that will CELEBRATE my 16-year olds special gifts.


As you know my special needs 16 year old son has deeply enjoyed helping you and your staff sweep and clean your wonderful (name of business edited out) after his (edit ) a few hours into a paid $30 3-hour (edit) package. You where even kind enough to let him come in free for an afternoon to (edit) and help your crew clean because he did such a wonderful job.

I brought him last afternoon around 3:30pm, purchased the 3-hours, confirmed that he would be able to sweep with the push broom for a little bit at the end of his session. When I picked him up he told me he wasn’t allowed to sweep. I was disappointed as this was the ENTIRE reason why I paid $30.

I figured it was just a staff misunderstanding, why would you not allow a very effective skilled special needs 16 year old boy not to sweep when you have on many other occasions? However I just paid another $30 to have your manager tell me that Mario was no longer going to be able to do any cleaning, because the staff does it.

Id like to request you and your husband reconsider your decision regarding my special needs son.

I will sign any waiver releasing you of any liability.

I will happily engage my 40,000 social media fans AND my contacts at all the local television and newspapers to share this story of your wonderful compassionate business that had so generously invited a very special needs 16-year old boy to join their team as an “Honorary Team Member”!

Better yet maybe you will consider hiring him for 4 hours a month? I’d be DELIGHTED to pay you back double what you pay him.

This would be an EXTRAORDINARY boost for his self esteem, his life experience, and his joy.

You personally KNOW how great he is and how hard he works all the times that you have allowed him to clean in the past.

This abrupt cutoff is heart breaking to both of us.

Thank you for your consideration!

Mark Kistler

Re-reading that as I prepare this post instantly raises my blood pressure, I’m so tired of people cutting off or limiting contact with us because we are different and therefore “uncomfortable”.

Here’s my hope: One of you in my FB tribe knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who manages a church campus, a car sales business, a car wash, a hotel, a grocery store, a retail shop, a cool place in NW Houston with cool people who would LOVE to explore the POSSIBILITY of hiring Mario to join their cleaning crew for a few hours once or twice a month?


Thanks for your support!