Daily Archives: December 11, 2018

India Adventures Part 2

This is my most joyful post in years. Anindita Anand, one of my wonderful New Dehli Comic Con Assistants invited me to her home for an authentic Indian Dinner with her family. Momma and Pappa Anand are deeply spiritual joyful loving people, what sweet hospitality. Attu and her sister Medhavi Anand and her cool little “TALL” brother all got such a kick out of her father trying to teach me how to eat with a pinch of roti (flat bread) and mushroom gravy. OMG this meal was DELICIOUS! Anindita has invited to join their family this Friday to their cousins wedding! I’m very excited, this is truly the joy of international travel, everyday I meet wonderful people who so graciously invite me to join in adventures. I accept enthusiastically then realize I AM NOT showing up at a formal traditional Indian wedding in my Comic Con Shirt and slacks. So what did the entire Anand family do? We all piled in their car, Pappa expertly navigating Dehli TRAFFIC 😱 NOT HONKING his horn even once! Even when we got slowed down by meandering cows that freely stroll through traffic. They take me to the neighborhood tailor to make me a custom tailored traditional Indian Kurta, chunni, Koti , and Pajamas. Watching Momma and Pappa Anand Picking out the rich colorful fabrics for each piece while little brother educated me on all the names of the hats and garments was pure delight! Having the tailor keep remeasuring me and tugging out MORE fabric was entertaining for us all. Our 10pm dinner lasted until after midnight, my son Mario even got to FaceTime in from Texas, it was hard to say goodnight after Anand and I swapped artwork. I feel as if I have a new family in India. I love you Anands!

Part 1 of my Adventure in India!

Visiting the kids at Khushi Rainbow Home, a homeless children’s shelter here in New Dehli India. Drawing with these kids was my favorite hour in India! So so sweet. The staff kept offering me the most delicious tea! Thank you for this invitation Mr Robin and Mehul Bansal ! Thank you Sonal Vashisht from Dehli Comic Con (ReedPop!) for inviting me to India!