Daily Archives: December 17, 2018

Adventure in India, Part 9

I’m sitting in Mumbai at a sidewalk Indian dumpling cafe, feeling a bit lonely, missing my New Dehli friends, thinking…”Okay, new city new adventures new people!”, now here’s the cool crazy part of this post, this is is 100% true, I’m thinking about my decision last week to find, fall in love, and marry an Indian Woman and live here 6-months a year. I’m chuckling at my absurdly delightful sense of optimism when at that very moment look who asks me to share my lunch table. An angel named Anu. She is a very famous model and actress. She was wonderful lunch company, then we walked to buy her pet a bag of food, then to a little pink tea shop. Then she agreed to marry me! Not exactly, but a delightful afternoon with a sparkly soul.

Adventure in India, part 8

India Day 9: My Epic Adventure Continues! Sonal Vashisht of New Dehli Comic Con (ReedPop) organized a wonderful Comic Con Community Outreach for today. I visited N. P. Co. Ed. Secondary School, Aliganj, Near Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Karbala, New Delhi. Meera Sharma was such a wonderful host, her staff overwhelmed me with such kind hospitality, the kids where so wonderful, yes, again I got all emotional weepy saying goodbye. It seems I’ve been averaging several crybaby happy heartwarming moments every day, especially with Pappa Sanjay Medhavi Anand Anindita Anand Momma Anu Shivansh Anand. So now it’s off to the airport heading to Mumbai Comic Con, for a special farewell lunch with my AMAZING New Dehli comic con booth assistant Shireen Pasricha. As I near the airport, tears flow freely as I type this in a bouncy horn honking Uber. Faisal QureshiPrateek Dixit Anands Mehul Bansal Sonal’s Comic Con crew, I am a better, happier, loving Man having met you all. I am forever grateful.