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Fixing a Commission!

A fb post from my friend Chele Heck

Naming your child; a cautionary tale…..

In the early summer, Mark Kistler posted that if you made a donation to sponsor a kiddo for his art camps, he’d send you your very own name, drawn in his unique style.
Hotdog! Yes. I want this! I grew up with MK on PBS and his instruction kept me occupied, creative and happy. He came to my school, he made us all feel special and artistic.

So I emailed him with a quick, “hey you are incredible, thanks for everything”, and included all of my info, including my name. He told me to give him a gentle nudge if it went past 30 days. It did, so I did.

Today, at the end of December, I received my special drawing. I excitedly opened it!

And then I was a disappointed 7 year old again. They don’t have vanity bike plates, pencils or keychains with my name. I’m not Michele or Michelle or Rachel or Rachelle or Rachael.

As an adult, I’ve shortened my own name to help others. I’m not Shele or Shelly or Chere. I’m Rochele, with one L and now I’m just Chele, because I’m actually not Rachelle either.

Stop doing this to your kids. They will be 35, successful and still perpetually disappointed. Stop spelling your kids’ names with extra nonsense.

I love you, Mark. Keep spreading the good art word!

feeling like a sad 7 year old with a dumb name.

My Response.

Mark KistlerOh NOOOOOOOOO! I’m such a goofball! I will re-Draw this for you! You have been soooooo patient then I misspell YOUR name!

Chele Response.

Chele Heck Mark Kistler Oh boy! I’m at work and I don’t want you to worry for a half second. Thank you for spreading art across the world. Enjoy your stay. Thank you Mark.



Making Christmas Wishes Come True!

I just received this note from Elisha Sheridan

Hi Mark, I’m writting to ask if you might help me make this Christmas a little extra special for my husband. Last month we had to leave our home in Paradise CA and never go back. Our whole town burned and my daughter and I had to drive through flames to get to my husband who was already at work the next town over. In my daughter’s nursery we had displayed drawing that Kevin and I had both drawn as children inspired by you. We both loved watching the Imagination Station growing up and still had many of our art pieces. Unfortunately all of our childhood art is now gone. Along with the drawing books of yours that we continued to enjoy into adulthood. Its been hard to think of how to make Christmas special this year since all we want are our own things back. I was thinking something that would mean a lot to Kevin is a signed replacement of one of your books. If you’d be willing to do this please let me know and I’ll send you an address. I know it’s pretty late in the month, so late is fine of course. Id be so grateful if you could help me bring some joy to my sweet husband during this trying time. Thank you Mark

My response:
Of Course YES! How about a Facebook LIVE webcast Wednesday LIVE from Mumbai India? We can draw some of yours and his favorite drawings from secret city day? A unibear, a furble? A space ship?

Elisha Sheridan:
Wow, what an amazing response. Thank you! I’m giddy cooking breakfast right now 😀 we would so love to do that!!! Would 8 am your time work? If not 10 is just fine 😀😀😀 thank you thank you thank you, I’m so excited!!!

My Response:

I can’t be there to help you hammer up some drywall but I’ll draw some fluffy furbles for/with you! And PLEASE send me your fund link so I can post it, our “Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station” Social media Tribe is VERY faithful and compassionate!


Okay, this Wednesday Dec 19 WE ARE GOING LIVE to draw In 3-D with me!

8am pacific time
10am Central
11am Eastern
9:30pm Mumbai

EVERYONE is invited! Draw3D.com family members please log-in!

Help me find a home for my mural!

I’m in Mumbai India organizing my “Guest Artist” visit to a local children’s shelter and I received this great question from Adam Stine

Hi Mr kistler…im just curious….do you still have the secret city mural? If you do could you post a picture of it up on facebook? I’ve seen a YouTube video of it but it’s not very clear… Thankyou

My response:

Hi Adam! Thank you for the note. I’ve been meaning to post these photos and videos of “The Secret City Mural” taken by my brilliant cool Nephew Finn Corrigan

I am currently looking for a new home for this 1980’s Pop Culture Children’s PBS piece of history. Funds raised by the sale of this will help us continue our mission to teach children around the world the joy of drawing.

PLEASE help me find a new home for this 4foot x 8 foot 100 pound wall mural. Your local pop culture museum? Library? School?

Please post a note below if you remember watching me draw this mural on PBS when you where young?

Please email me a note if you are interested in helping me find a new home for this mural mark@markkistler.com, I tend to miss FB messages, keeping up with social media baffles me!