Fixing a Commission!

A fb post from my friend Chele Heck

Naming your child; a cautionary tale…..

In the early summer, Mark Kistler posted that if you made a donation to sponsor a kiddo for his art camps, he’d send you your very own name, drawn in his unique style.
Hotdog! Yes. I want this! I grew up with MK on PBS and his instruction kept me occupied, creative and happy. He came to my school, he made us all feel special and artistic.

So I emailed him with a quick, “hey you are incredible, thanks for everything”, and included all of my info, including my name. He told me to give him a gentle nudge if it went past 30 days. It did, so I did.

Today, at the end of December, I received my special drawing. I excitedly opened it!

And then I was a disappointed 7 year old again. They don’t have vanity bike plates, pencils or keychains with my name. I’m not Michele or Michelle or Rachel or Rachelle or Rachael.

As an adult, I’ve shortened my own name to help others. I’m not Shele or Shelly or Chere. I’m Rochele, with one L and now I’m just Chele, because I’m actually not Rachelle either.

Stop doing this to your kids. They will be 35, successful and still perpetually disappointed. Stop spelling your kids’ names with extra nonsense.

I love you, Mark. Keep spreading the good art word!

feeling like a sad 7 year old with a dumb name.

My Response.

Mark KistlerOh NOOOOOOOOO! I’m such a goofball! I will re-Draw this for you! You have been soooooo patient then I misspell YOUR name!

Chele Response.

Chele Heck Mark Kistler Oh boy! I’m at work and I don’t want you to worry for a half second. Thank you for spreading art across the world. Enjoy your stay. Thank you Mark.