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The 30 – Day Drawing Challenge With Mark Kistler Day 9:

Day 9! 30-Day Drawing Challenge…

Posted by Mark Kistler on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The 30 – Day Drawing Challenge with Mark Kistler Day:8

Day 8: 30-Day Drawing Challenge!

Posted by Mark Kistler on Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A VERY special Day 8 FB Webcast tonight at 6:00pm. A former viewer and fan of my 1985 “The Secret City” PBS Children’s Series, sent me a message the other day…

“Hey Mark I know you are busy I have been wanting to ask you for awhile….. We just found out on November 13th that my 22 month old daughter has leukemia she goes to the children’s hospital in Charleston SC for all of her treatment. I was wondering if you are EVER close would you willing to set up a class in the atrium (play area) for the children and their parents to come draw with you?
I understand that you are busy and I feel selfish for even asking this of you but I didn’t see that it could hurt anything by asking.
Thank you for your time Mark I still love drawing with you

My response:
I’m so sorry to hear! Of course!!! However I’m not scheduled to be in your state in 2019. If something comes up absolutely I will. Until then How about a dedicated webcast, I’m going LIVE everyday for 15-minutes….how about pick a day and I’ll go LIVE for 30 minutes and dedicate this to your daughter …22 months is too young to draw with me but she can enjoy my artwork?! “, “I have a special needs child in and out of hospitals enough to understand how intense and challenging it is as a parent…i join all of your tribe standing with you!”

Update: Katie O’Neill just checked Adelaya Rose into the children’s hospital yesterday, and as of our recent text is feeling strong enough for this LIVE Webcast, so please everyone join us for a FUN Day 8: 30-Day drawing Challenge TONIGHT 6:00pm!


Ryan Shaw, Turbo talented Houston Artist and good friend of mine will be joining me at my home art studio to do a special guest appearance BONUS drawing for Adelaya Rose!

Tyson Briscoe, a very cool local fan is coming to participate in the webcast AND personally pick up their Original Pencil Commission, THANK YOU for this support!