Christmas and New Years went by in a flash….

December 24 2018

16 hour flight Mumbai to New York, 3 hour connection, 4 hours to Houston, just in time for Mario and my Christmas Eve Dim Sum LUNCH! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all YOU, my fellow creatives, and BIG smoochy hugs to all my wonderful new friends in India!


December 25 2018

I fell asleep at 5pm yesterday. About 30 minutes from walking in the door. Traveling home from Mumbai India wiped me out. I barely remember Mario checking in on me from time to time. I wake up at 3am, sneak downstairs to set up Mario’s Christmas Morning and see that my 16-year old sweet forever believing special son Mario had cleaned the kitchen, locked all the doors, and most importantly left protein bars and a bottle of water out for Santa. I get a little teary eyed knowing I get to believe in Santa Forever too! That’s the moment that I realized I forgot to pick up his Santa vacuum! Each year Santa brings him a Vacuum or a piece of lawn equipment. No matter that Mario has 17 vacuums and 3 lawnmowers, Santa believes in Mario’s PASSION, as Mario believes in Santa!

December 28 2018

iPhone! Windsor Vacuum from Santa! And NO CAVITIES! It’s going to be a GREAT 2019! Happy New Year Everyone!

A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theater and a VERY cool behind the scenes tour by our wonderful irrepressible friend Amelia Templeton, THANKS AMELIA! Mario and I LOVED this!


December 30 2018

This is my NEW New Year Mantra














Merry Christmas Everyone!