And this is how the New Year 30 Day Challenge got started!

Anyone feel like drawing with me today?

Let’s do a LIVE FB WEBCAST Drawing Lesson TODAY at 5:30pm CST! Are you in? Please comment below.

I LOVE New Years Resolutions!

My New Years Resolution is to draw with YOU!

I love to draw. Always have, from when I was a baby in diapers drawing on the kitchen floor with peanut butter, (according to my mother!).

Drawing has ALWAYS been my great constant consistent. In my otherwise turbulent chaotic life of global travel, drawing has ALWAYS brought me calm peace. Drawing has ALWAYS made me feel better, ALWAYS.

Stressed, worried, anxious, depressed, drawing has always distracted, redirected and INSPIRED me.

If only I could share a sliver of this feeling of creative confidence and joy with YOU!

Wait! I can! I will! Starting tomorrow, my New Years Resolution is to LIVE WEBCAST a drawing lesson, one a day, for 30-days. What do YOU think? Are you IN?! I’ll be LIVE WEBCASTING from my Facebook page here so your log-in access will be EASY. All you need is paper and a pencil!

Want to get a running start?! So do I! I went LIVE yesterday with the 31 minute “Running Start!” lesson pictured below. It’s silly, goofy, unpolished, just me and Mario and my cats…trying to remember how to LIVE WEBCAST. It’s still posted on my FB wall. Take a look at the video, draw in 3-D with ME?!


Join my today at 5:30pm Central Time for one more “Running Start” stretch our creative muscles warm up lesson! Preparing for our 30-Days of Drawing Challenge! All you need is paper and pencil!

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