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One Drawing A Day, NO Matter! Today: Chubby Mummy!

Day 176

Chubby Mummy! Day 176 “Bonus” Webcast LIVE from Grand Rapids Children’s Wellness Center. This wonderful organization offers families a medically safe space for group play and learning for kids with depressed immune systems. Thank you Melissa and Cheryl Raguse for inviting me BACK! Last month I had to Webcast a special lesson for these kiddos LIVE from Dubai, it was great to visit them IRL. This was made possible by YOU our generous faithful supporters of our “Imagination Initiative”! Each family received a complimentary 1-Year membership to and a PDF of my 5-page color “One Drawing A Day for 1,000 Days!” Index. We also donated a full set of 5 books to the centers Arts classroom.

Posted by Mark Kistler on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

One Drawing A Day, NO Matter! Today: Dino Trees

Day 174

Dino Trees! Day 174 of our 1000 “One Drawing Every Day No Matter WHAT!” LIVE Daily FB Webcasts. Today LIVE from downtown Grand Rapids Michigan! I’m at the Dog Story Theater setting up for this weeks Summer Art Camp! If you are anywhere near here come join us! Tomorrow is my FREE “Bring a friend day!” Watch this webcast for details. Thank YOU Meagan Elizabeth Beitner and the CREW at Dog Story Theater. Thank YOU Ward Makielski Lunatech Fringe for the years of inspiration!

Posted by Mark Kistler on Sunday, June 23, 2019